Ronald van Puijenbroek is a seasoned professional operating at the intersection between business and IT. Armed with a degree in Computer Science, Ronald’s journey began, but he soon found his true passion in understanding and optimizing how businesses function.

Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to bridge the gap between these two domains. In recent years Ronald has dedicated himself to revolutionizing the world of software development through the power of low code, with a particular passion for the Mendix platform. This profound commitment stems from his belief in the transformational impact low code can have on businesses. 

Ronald’s vision is clear: to empower organizations to take control of their digital transformation journey and to unlock the true potential of their teams by minimizing traditional IT complexities. 

By harnessing the Mendix platform’s capabilities, he empowers businesses to build scalable, agile, and user-friendly IT landscapes that drive innovation and fuel success. As CTO of ChangeMakers, Ronald van Puijenbroek has embarked on a journey to transform businesses and empower them with the agility and efficiency that low code offers.