Rizah Kabaši

Rizah Kabaši, founder and director of SmartLab, the leading eLearning agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has many years of experience in establishing digital educational solutions in companies both in the country and in Western Europe.

As a graduate graphic engineer, he had the opportunity to work on the transition of various industrial branches towards faster and more efficient business processes, which entails the need for quality transfer of knowledge and adaptation to new trends.

Since 2016, in partnership with Fischer, Knoblauch & Co. from Germany, works on the production of digital courses for renowned brands in the automotive and aviation industries, airports, pharmaceuticals, automatic machine systems, etc. In such activities, it identifies platforms on a measurable basis and effectively manages corporate learning.

Today, he leads a team that actively works in the production of “eLearning” digital content that needs to be fully adapted to the needs of companies and their current and future challenges in the process of measuring and transferring knowledge.