Rasim is a reliable senior leader and health economics expert, PhD in pharmacoeconomics/health economics, as well as assistant professor at Sarajevo School of Science and Technology.
His passion is developing and managing teams and people.
As a general manager for domestic medical/healthcare services companies and top multinational pharmaceutical companies, he successfully led many teams.
Currently, he works for the ASA Group as an ASA Hospital project director, as he is passionate about innovative business models in healthcare services and future trends in patient care.
During his career he worked as a manager, consultant, trainer, and university teacher for several courses.
As an inquisitive entrepreneur, throughout his career, he has successfully designed, developed, and launched several brands in the field of pharmacy, food supplements, and medicine which, after reaching significant market value, were acquired by prominent market leaders.
After undergraduate studies in medicine in Austria and Bosnia with the title of medical doctor and postgraduate studies in Economics he continued professional development through numerous business skills training all over the world, in the fields such as leadership, PR, business development, strategic management, HR, marketing and entrepreneurship. Among many educational programs, the comprehensive program in the field of strategy and execution at Harvard Business School is the one that stands out.
Rasim pursues his academic career through his scientific interest in the field of health economics and pharmacoeconomics as an associate professor at the medical faculty of the SSST University in Sarajevo.