Meet Nuhi Stenvers, founder and COO of ChangeMakers – a relatively young, fast growing and international consultancy company. ChangeMakers helps clients to accelerate their business and leverage their IT with the help of low-code and other leading technologies.

Nuhi attended Utrecht and Amsterdam University law school. Specializing in tax law provided him with a good working knowledge of both law and economics, important when creating and owning businesses as the serial entrepreneur he is. His international and broad experience in leading large departments and programme’s in many different business domains across several countries made him a senior practitioner of management and leadership. 

Combined with a special interest in IT and digital transformation his experience gives him the perfect background to deliver organizational impact and digital transformation through the use of low-code platforms. Since 2018 his focus lies primarily within that space. He is convinced these platforms provide the necessary capability to really digitally transform organizations. Come and listen to his story about transforming software production at IDT2023 together with Mendix.