Alžan Soldić is an experienced entrepreneur as well as founder and CEO of the QSD, one of the leading companies for development of innovative start ups. With his commitment and professionalism, Alžan transformed QSD into a dynamic, fast-growing company that collaborates and works with some of the most famous brands worldwide.  Portfolio of this company is proof that QSD is developing high-performance, user-friendly and visually appealing apps that are impressive to clients as well as their end customers. Within the last 10 years, Alžan along with QSD, has developed startups with millions of customers and their biggest one has already reached 50 million users. Since last year, QSD is also participating in the development of AI startups which made it one of the first companies in this region that is involved in the development of AI startups based on OpenAI technologies. This approach is not only highlighting a commitment of QSD to trend following, but also is establishing its reputation in the IT and entrepreneurship world.